Animus Association was established in 1994. It offers rehabilitation, counselling and psychotherapy for children and adults, coordinates activities on prevention and protection from violence against women and children, it implements projects and programs to support people who need help and is a powerful advocate for policies to prevent domestic and gender-based violence.

How can it help you

Crisis Unit

The purpose of the Crisis Unit is to offer immediate and urgent psychological support to women experiencing acute emotional stress after violence. Every woman considered to be in a crisis situation, is referred directly to the Crisis Unit team at any time of the day, without needing an appointment. Contact with the Crisis Unit is usually established through the helpline at +359 800 1 8676 or +359 2 981 7686.

Social Services Centre for Children and Families

In the centre, social services are offered for at-risk children and their families, aiming to prevent the abandonment of children in institutions or other hazardous situations that threaten their development.

Bulgarian National Helpline for Children

The free helpline offers information, counselling and help to children on a wide spectrum of issues. It uses the harmonised European number 116 111 functions through a call centre at the State Agency for Child Protection (SACP). The helpline is currently run by the Animus Association Foundation


You can call the helpline for survivors of violence at +359 2 981 76 86. This service is appropriate for women who live in a situation of violence, but are not ready to take steps towards change, and those who have noticed the first signs of domestic violence and need consultation.


Psychological counselling programs for parents and psychoanalytic psychotherapy for children is available. It is necessary to arrange an appointment in advance by contacting the Reception Centre at +359 983 52 05, +359 983 53 05 or +359 983 54 05 between 9.30 and 17.30.


  • Establishing specialised centres for professional help for survivors of violence
  • Encouraging the development of and conducting educational and training programmes
  • Exchanging experience with similar organisations in Europe, Asia, and North America
  • Publishing materials connected with its work
  • Cooperating with institutions and organizations in the country connected with the activities of Animus Association
  • Organising conferences and workshops on the problems of women, family and mental health, organising cultural events which contribute to the goals of the organization

More information & Contacts
+371 67514208
85 Ekzarh Yossif st.
1000 Sofia

Last updated 06/04/2019